Required in Jeddah, KSA HOME CARE NURSES 


 (Male/Female) Candidates must have at least an Associate Degree in Nursing, English language proficiency and be able to work as a Nurse at home caring for the elderly in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with passion. Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate degree/ certification in Geriatric Clinical Nursing is/are preferred. 


 Basic assistance, provide help to manage common age-related ,conditions, monitor and assess conditions and vital signs, administer medications. 

Working Conditions:

 Independent senior living homes, patients require 24-hour care, may spend hours escorting patients, long physical 

Salary and Benefits: 

Annual salary of US$ 15,000 20.000, living quarters provided, health insurance provided, social insurance provided annual paid vacation, return air economy ticket paid. 

Send CV within 3business days to:recruitd003@gmail.com

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